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How to use I Safe and Car Play box from T10 Andriod quad core Radio

  • Author:Martina Chen
  • Release on :2017-08-07
How to use I Safe and Car Play box from T10 Andriod quad core Radio ?

I-Safe Wireless Control I-Safe:

Original intention for developing the products:In the current car navigation market,popular model is android system,large screen full touch.
There are insecure factors in the process of driving through full touch
operation,In view of current high-end car control the multimedia by knob
next to gear.Special development of this product


Easy installing,wireless control,only adapt to android T10 platform
Install to cup hold position next to car gear,adapt to over 90% car model.
as well can open it,then use 3M glue to stick to any position you like.
Wireless 433MHZ transmission,support to customize navigation APP button function.
By i-safe controling multimedia,make the driving safer.
We have applied for a patent about this design.

How to install car dvd player? 

Pls see youtube video: 

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